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Jobert did an amazing job!!! He worked very quickly and communication was perfect. I hope to work with him again in the near future.
— Brandon Feemster of Fresno, California, USA
Absolutely the BEST! Got a tough video project done for us in 24 hrs... couldn’t ask for anything more... Great to deal with and one of the best and most skillful Odeskers out there!
— NPJ of San Jose, California, USA
Jobert did a wonderful job, completing the project in a very timely manner. He followed our specifications to the letter. I’m looking forward to working with him on future projects very soon
— Chris Mc Gowan of Illinois, USA
Jobert followed my direction and used his creativity to fill in the gaps. The end result was a product that I’m very happy with. Jobert was also timely and communicated well through the project.
— Raphael Mudge of Washington D.C., USA
Jobert did an excellent job and followed my direction perfectly. I am really appreciative of him and his work.
— Al Newark of Philadelphia, USA
Jobert is a legend, very talented and a fast worker. Minor changes needed but Jobert was very easy to work with. Will hire again for sure.
— Ricky Z of Carlingford, Australia
Jobert does great work with an amazing turn-around time at getting tasks completed. We will definitely work with him again.
— TJ Large of Brisbane, Australia
Jobert was fantastic. He was an expert with After Effects, and knew just how to tweak my original designs to make them look their best. Highly recommended!
— Brian Bischof of San Diego, California, USA
Jobert did a GREAT job for us and created exactly what we needed. I would love to work with him again in the future on additional video projects
— Aaron Eden of Tucson, Arizona, USA
Absolutely great work as always... he just gets the job done. Period.
— ECII of San Jose, California
Working with Jobert was a joy - very responsive and no delays. Will hire him again for sure.
— Doron David of Chicago, USA
Jobert is amazing! I provided him with amateur footage and he was able to create stunning special effects better than I ever imagined (and I have a big imagination). He was very easy to work with, quickly replies to emails, communicates well, accurately estimates completion times, completes jobs in a quick manner (jobs were being completed as quickly as I could upload them) and again is absolutely brilliant. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing a film special effects guru and I will be doing so for a very long time. You have given my film that x-factor and have included you early on in the credits. It’s been a pleasure, thank-you Jobert. You’re a champion. (p.s. I am not one of those employers who gives 5’s to every contractor. My previous rating of a webmaster was 1.9/5. Jobert earned his rating and I want everyone to know that.)
— Paul Salviani of Sydney, Australia