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Jobert Monteras

Jobert is one of Manila’s most coveted After Effects Artist with over 20 years of combined experience in the film, tv, video, and digital media industry from the late 90′s up to the present day. He is also an accomplished Online Artist who has created a series of works from television commercials to visual effects compositing, many of which were premiered on television. 

He's the first Adobe ACI that took the T3 Training for Premiere Pro. He's an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. And the very first DaVinci Certified Instructor in the Philippines.

Jobert also works for Pond5 as the After Effects Content Lead and their resident Motion Graphics Producer. He also AE tutorials for Pond5s Blog. 

Today, he is a master of many skills including online editor, compositor, motion graphic artist, and adjunct lecturer teaching at the college and university close to home. With his rich experience in VFX and vast knowledge on the various aspects of a VFX pipeline, he brings a wealth of real world problem-solving experience that demonstrates conceptual, aesthetic and technical mastery for the benefit of his students and clients.

BMD DaVinci Resolve Intro and Advanced
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects.

Jobert has trained editors from these companies:


Musselli Cruz

Founder / Senior Colorist of Barebones Inc.

Musse more than 12 years of professional color grading experience, he has worked on several color grading hardwares from traditional film telecine to various digital color grading platform. He has worked with top TVC and feature film directors. Regardless of the machine he uses, what is important is telling the stroy through color.

Color Grading Machine Experitse: Da Vinci Renaissance 888
Pandora Pogle
Quantel Q-Color
Nucoda Film Master
BMD Da Vinci Resolve

Colour Grading Master Class

Some of the FILMS that MUSSELLI has had the pleasure of COLOUR GRADING.

Barebones Inc. Showreel