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Adobe After Effects Level II

This course is designed for video professionals who wish to further their After Effects skills. Filters, Effects, Lighting, tracking and working in 3D. This training course picks-up where the intermediate course leaves off, providing you with additional skills along with tips and tricks to improve your efficiency and creativity.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for media professionals who have already completed the intermediate After Effects course, or who have previous experience working with After Effects.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

  • Knowledge of Mac OS X and basic computer navigation

  • Basic knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended

  • Intermediate knowledge of Adobe After Effects

  • Some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

Minimum System Requirements


  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), or Windows 10 (64 bit)

  • 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended)

  • 5GB of available hard-disk space; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)

  • Additional disk space for disk cache (10GB recommended)

  • 1280x1080 display

  • Optional: Adobe-certified GPU card for GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer

  • Internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.*


Mac OS

  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support

  • 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12 (Sierra), or 10.13 (High Sierra)

  • 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended)

  • 6GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash storage devices)

  • Additional disk space for disk cache (10GB recommended)

  • 1440x900 display

  • Optional: Adobe-certified GPU card for GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer

  • Internet connectio

Course Outline


Lesson 1: Using 3D Features

  • Creating 3D text

  • Cameras, lights, and points of interest

  • Using 3D views

  • Importing a background

  • Adding 3D lights

  • Adding a camera

  • Understanding one and two node cameras

  • Creating a 'rack-focus' effect

  • Animating objects in 3D

  • Animating a camera with auto orient

  • Animating a camera with point of interest

  • Animating light

  • Animating aperture

Lesson 2: Using 3D Engine

  • Engines: Classic 3D, Cinema 4D, Ray-traced 3D

  • Extruding text in After Effects

  • Extruding shapes in After Effects

  • Using Illustrator shapes for extruding

  • Geometry options of an image

  • Environmental Layers

Lesson 3: Cinema 4D

  • Working with Cinema 4D Lite

  • Integrating the C4D layer in After Effects

Lesson 4: Working with the 3D Camera Tracker

  • About the 3D Camera Tracker effect

  • Repairing rolling shutter distortions

  • Tracking the footage

  • Creating a ground plane, a camera, and the initial text

  • Creating realistic shadows

  • Adding ambient light

  • Creating additional text elements

  • Locking a layer to a plane with a null object

  • Animating the text

  • Adjusting the camera's depth of field

Lesson 5: Warp Stabilizing

  • Stabilization Properties

  • Border Properties

  • Advanced Properties

  • Stabilize

  • Reversible Stabilization

  • Reverse Stabilization

  • Apply Motion to Target

  • Apply Motion to Target over the original


Lesson 6: Particle Playground

  • Using Particles for compound control layers

  • Understanding Particles in general

  • Canon

  • Grid

  • Layer Exploder

  • Particle Exploder

  • Layer Map

  • Gravity

  • Repel

  • Wall

  • Persistent Property Mapper

  • Ephemeral Property Mapper

Lesson 7: Other Simulation Effects

  • Foam vs CC Bubbles

  • Particle Playground vs CC Particle World (Particle System II)

  • Shatter

  • Card Dance

  • Caustic

  • Foam

  • Wave World

Lesson 8: Effects

  • Stroke

  • Scribble

  • Write-on

  • Paint

Lesson 9: Real World Techniques

  • Object Removal

  • Sky Replacement

  • Beauty Work

  • Tips and Tricks from the instructor

  • Q and A

Course DATE

Please contact us for schedule.Course Fee

Regular Price: Php 12,500
Early-Bird Price: Php 10,000


WorkHaven, 14th Floor, Linden Suites Tower 2, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas


There must be at least five (5) students enrolled in order for the class to push through.


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